Backup & Disaster Recovery

Data safety, security and availability always

Natural disasters, theft, human error, or a system failure can happen to any business at any time. What sets a successful business apart is the fact that they have a backup and disaster recovery strategy in place. Can you say the same for yours? Could you continue to conduct your business should the worst happen? You can without a hitch as long as you have Backup & Disaster Recovery from InnerVision.

We evaluate the needs of your business and find the data backup option that is right for you so you can access all your critical data no matter what comes your way.

We keep your data safe and available by:

  • Backing up all your files on a hourly basis to off-site data centers owned by us
  • Encrypting your data to ensure access are only from authorized users
  • Virtualizing your servers, applications and data so they’re available within minutes

With safe backup copies of your IT infrastructure, you’ll never have to worry about losing your data to natural disasters or other unfortunate events again. What’s more, we do a monthly invoice for our protection services with no surprise charges, making it easy for you to budget your expenses.

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